MACSI Seminar Series

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UL

Autumn Semester 2015

The MACSI seminars are held in the Mathematics and Statistics department at the University of Limerick. They take place in the MACSI meeting room A2002, Main Building, Fridays at 4 p.m. unless stated otherwise. An overhead projector and projection equipment are available in the seminar room.

Speakers may direct queries to their immediate contact person or the MACSI administrator ( There is visitor car-parking available on campus: speakers can either advise their contact person who will make a reservation or email ( directly.

Wednesday 23rd September:
Dr. Joel Miller (School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University,
Title: Haven't I seen you before? Accounting for partnership duration in infectious disease modeling (abstract)

Friday 25th September:
Tania Khaleque (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford, UK,
Title: Mantle convection with strong temperature- and pressure-dependent viscosity (abstract)

Friday 2nd October:

Friday 9th October:
Prof. Mark McGuinness (School of Mathematics and Statistics, Victoria University of Wellington, NZ, )
Title: Modelling Exploding Volcanic Bombs (abstract)

Friday 16th October:
Dr. Rui Carvalho (School of Engineering and Computing Sciences, University of Durham, UK,
Title: Critical behaviour in charging of electric vehicles (abstract)

Friday 23rd October:

Friday 30th October:

Friday 6th November:
Prof. Christian Pipper (Section of Biostatistics, Department of Health, University of Copenhagen,
Title: Assessing the effect of a drug based on multiple dose-response models (abstract)

Friday 13th November:
Dr. Iain Moyles (MACSI, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UL,
Title: Quasi-Steady Solutions to the Gierer-Meinhardt Model in Two Dimensions (abstract)

Friday 20th November:
Dr. Xuefeng Cui (UCD School of Mathematics and Statistics,
Title: Numerical simulating climate and land use changes (abstract)

Friday 27th November:
Dr. Michael Vynnycky (Division of Casting of Metals, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden,
Title: Macrosegregation in the continuous casting of metal alloys (abstract)

Friday 4th December:
Prof. Cathal Walsh (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, UL,
Title: TBA (abstract)

Friday 11th December:
Dr. Felix Ng (School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, UK,
Title: TBA (abstract)

Supported by Science Foundation Ireland funding, MACSI - the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry, centred at the University of Limerick, is dedicated to the mathematical modelling and solution of problems which arise in science, engineering and industry in Ireland.