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MA4003 Course Material

Engineering Mathematics 3 MA4003

Course Material 

Most files are in pdf (.pdf)  format.  For the pdf files, (if needed) an easy to install viewer is available at     


Module syllabus
Module assessment

Course Notes

Notes 1: Laplace Transform  Table of Laplace Transforms

Notes 2: Fourier Series. The following site might be of interest

Notes 3: Vector Spaces

Notes 4: Numerical Linear Algebra. Some examples of  using Iterative Methods

Problems Sheets & Solutions

Solutions will be posted after the corresponding sheet has been discussed in tutorials.

Sheet 1  Solutions

Sheet 2  Solutions

Sheet 3  Solutions

Sheet 4  Solutions

Sheet 5  Solutions

Sheet 6  Solutions

Sheet 7  Solutions

Past Exam Papers

Autumn 2016/17        Midterms 2016/17  (with answers)  

Autumn 2015/16        Midterms 2015/16  (with answers)  

Autumn 2014/15        Midterms 2014/15  (with answers)  

Autumn 2013/14       Yellow Midterm 2013/14    Green Midterm 2013/14 (with answers)  

Autumn 2012/13       Yellow Midterm 2012/13    Green Midterm 2012/13 (with answers)   

Autumn 2011/12       Yellow Midterm 2011/12    Green Midterm 2011/12 (with answers)   

Autumn 2010/11       Yellow Midterm 2010/11    Green Midterm 2010/11 (with answers)   

Autumn 2009/10        Midterm 2009/10 (with answers)      

Autumn 2008/09        Midterm 2008/09 (with answers)     

Autumn 2007/08        Midterm 2007/08 (with answers)

Autumn 2006/07        Midterm 2006/07 (with answers)  

Autumn 2005/06        Midterm 2005/06 (with answers)


Lecturer:  Mark Burke     Room B2036 / Tel: 061-202083 / email:

Office hours: Tuesdays 2-3pm, Thursdays 12noon - 1pm  or by appointment